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Custom dishwasher door panel

Date: 04/03/2013

Custom dishwasher door panel

Here's a picture of a custom door panel that we fabricated and finished to match an exising kitchen.  It's a door panel to go on a dishwasher.  The other picture is of a bookshelf base that we refinished for the same client who lives in the Atlanta, GA area.  They wanted the piece to go the same color as the kitchen but with more character and depth.


Chinoiserie, gilding, caning and upholstery

Date: 03/31/2013

Chinoserie repairs, leather repair, gilding and most other fine antique needs can be met. We strip and rebuild antiques prior to upholstery to ensure structural integrity. Hole, blind and spline caning and colored to match.

Furniture maintenance

Date: 03/29/2013

Q. How should I maintain a piece after it's delivered from H Restoration?
A: The answer depends on the type of finish but generally all pieces that leave our shop are ultimately hand waxed. We generally do not recommend any spray type products at all with the exception of the all natural original Endust which is basically just a cleaner. If your piece was delivered with wax on it all you should need to do is to buff it with a lint free cloth in the direction of the wood grain from time to time and keep it dusted. Any application of any sort of liquid cleaner or polishes will only remove the wax and leave a greasy film that will attract dirt and break down the finish.

A recent creation!

Date: 03/29/2013

A recent creation!

Here's a simple mahogany base that we fabricated and finished for a small lap desk that we restored for a private clinet.  This is a great way of making these small desks or boxes useable as a small side table as you can see from the picture.

H Restoration has a brand new website!

Date: 03/27/2013


H Restoration is pleased to announce that we have a new web site up and running.  The new site showcases are talented professionals and the various areas that we service.  We're known for a high end antique restoration firm but we also have a commercial accounts department and a custom designer finishes department.  The new site showcases these additional side of our firm much better.  The new site also highlights the diferent types of restoration services that we provide for our residential customers.  


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