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Historic Preservation

H Restoration is uniquely qualified to handle the preservation and restoration work to a Historic property. Our technicians are cross trained to work on priceless period antiques and family heirlooms for our customers. This gives them the expertise to be able to work on site at your location to restore the woodwork on your property.

We have the ability to restore and protect the woodwork without changing the beautiful patina that has developed over the years. As with many of our other projects we'll leave your property looking like it's been well taken care of over the years rather then like it's been over cleaned or refinished like new.

Our goal is to enhance the inherent beauty of the wood as well as protect it for the generations to come.


Preservation Works


Marietta house from the early 1800's


Staircase restoration project.


Capital City Club Downtown Atlanta Floor Project.


A door conservation project for the Georgia Institute of Technology.


A balcony restoration project for the Georgia Institute of Technology.