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How should I maintain a piece after it's delivered from H Restoration?

The answer depends on the type of finish but generally all pieces that leave our shop are ultimately hand waxed. We generally do not recommend any spray type products at all with the exception of the all natural original Endust which is basically just a cleaner. If your piece was delivered with wax on it all you should need to do is to buff it with a lint free cloth in the direction of the wood grain from time to time and keep it dusted. Any application of any sort of liquid cleaner or polishes will only remove the wax and leave a greasy film that will attract dirt and break down the finish.

I Left A Glass On My Table Overnight And Now I Have A White Ring On It. Can That Be Removed Without Refinishing The Entire Top?

In most cases, yes. White spots or rings are caused by moisture getting trapped under the surface of the finish. There are many different techniques for removing the offending spots but ours is the application of heat. The various spot removers are all solvent based products and most will harm the surface. We use a procedure using heat to release the moisture without harming the finish and the all important patina.

My Dining Chairs Are Old And Starting To Squeak. I Have Seen A Product Advertised To Be Injected Into The Joints To Tighten Them. Does It Work?

Not in our experience. We have found these products to be ineffective. The only way to re-fit the chair is to open it up, clean out the decayed glue, put it together and clamp it properly. There are no shortcuts. When you try these products and they don’t work, it can get expensive.

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