We French Polish with hand made shellac that is custom mixed for each project’s specific needs. We use traditional methods of coloring and we complete every project with a hand waxing. When French Polishing isn’t recommended for a particular situation we also can provide a wide array of modern finishes to suit your individual needs. While we’re quite capable of polishing a piece to an extremely high glass like sheen we recommend rubbing the piece out and hand waxing it for a beautiful glow without being shiny look.

Sample of Our Projects

Specialty Services

Oil Paintings

The restoration of paintings is generally a serious business, more paintings get ruined by enthusiastic, careless restoration, than by fire.

We like to warn the reader that the restoration and/or cleaning of valuable oilpaintings should be left to a reputable professional expert.

Our goal is to preserve our artistic history. Each painting given into our care is treated with the utmost respect regardless of its monetary value. Whether it is a painting that is a family heirloom or a valuable piece from a museum, each is handled as if it were our own.

Ceramic & Porcelain

We offer repair and restoration on all varieties of porcelain and ceramics.

Services include cleaning, bonding, retouch, gilding, and fabrication of missing areas. We also recognize that not all pieces warrant extensive restoration, therefore we offer the client the options of “repair only”, “partial restoration” or “full restoration”.

Veneer, leather, marble, metal and glass repair and replacement

Veneer repairs are made with as close to exact matches as possible. Brian has extensive work on restoring leather screens as well as paper embossed screens. All glass replacement is restoration grade.

Chinoiserie, gilding, caning and upholstery

Chinoserie repairs, leather repair, gilding and most other fine antique needs can be met. We strip and rebuild antiques prior to upholstery to ensure structural integrity. Hole, blind and spline caning and colored to match.