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Over 100 combined years of experience in the antique repair, refinishing, touch-up and restoration business.

H Restoration is a fine furniture and antique restoration fulfillment company
H Restoration has one main area of focus and that is to meet our clients needs and expectations to their complete satisfaction. We have a full antique restoration and conservation studio where we work on high end antique furniture for our clients throughout the country. We restore fine antiques and also meet the demanding needs of modern finishes for the design business. We also provide the same services on site in the southeast area for both residential and commercial projects. H Restoration also serves the insurance industry by handling both residential and moving claims. We can take on your project and see it through to the end with a personalized service to meet your project’s needs.


H Restoration works with each client to ensure that their project is done to the specifications provided. Every project that we take on is unique and requires a specific path to completion.


We are dedicated to preserving the historical importance of your furniture and artifacts. We take the time to research and utilize the proper methods to ensure the value of your item is not harmed.


When restoring fine antiques our goal is to make the piece look like it has been well taken care of over its lifespan. We have the vision on not only what to restore but also on what to leave alone.


We guarantee your satisfaction on your project. We are a team of perfectionists and work to achieve that standard both in the shop and on site at the work place.

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Our technicians have over 100 years of combined experience working on antiques and fine furniture for both the residential and commercial markets.


Contact us now for a rough estimate for your project. With just a few pictures and a brief description we can get your project started.


We treat every piece and project as a unique job. We cater our services to the specific needs of the project to ensure integrity in our work.

Insurance Claims

We work directly with your insurance company and it’s representatives to see your furniture claim through to the end of the project.


Environmentally Friendly

Replacing furniture can be a costly undertaking. In addition to the purchase price, you may have to pay for furniture removal and installation from high priced moving companies, expensive dumpster costs, not to mention the moving damage to your facility (drywall, door frame, carpet damage just to name a few), also the loss of profit from your customers due to noise pollution, unsightly construction surroundings and lack of vacancy.

Recycling and environmental protection is important to you and your customers. Refurbishing meets everyone’s green standards by upgrading your furniture without replacing. Refinishing modernizes your furniture without affecting the waste tonnage to the landfills and tree removal.

The costs of replacing your furniture is sometimes thousands of dollars more than enhancing the furnishings already in place and often can be used the same day without capitol losses.